Welcome to the creative enclave of Art Photographer, Documentary Videographer and Rock Musician, Danny Ramsay. Deep in the Texas hill country, you’ll find “The Rock Shaman”, singer and founder of Forever Town, reaching into his medicine bag for a song, a memory held dear or piece of visual expression to share on behalf of the Great Mystery and the gods of Rock Eternal. Welcome to the Tribe!

  • satanlaffing

    ABUSE at ZEPPELIN'S, goddammit! On HESSMER in FAT CITY!!! Ah, man! Ya’ll don't know! The NEW ORLEANS scene back in the mid-late 90's was the shit. All those watchin' this from the NOLA scene, big shout out to DINO'S & LAST STOP!!

  • David Delano

    Thank you for uploading this documentary. There are bands on here that I've never heard of and they’re all f**king amazing! Thank you, yet again!

  • Brandon Gardener

    When I saw Zeppelin’s in the background, it blew my damn mind! Damn, we used to have a killer metal scene here in New Orleans. Thanks for posting this video, my brother.

  • Phill Breazeale

    25 years feels like yesterday seeing this... thank you for posting.

  • Sinister Minister

    Am I the only one who has watched this video MULTIPLE times, can't get enough. It's all about the vibe.

  • Vinny Moreale

    Love this! Dan is the man.

  • Rock Peninno

    My cousin Ciro, the intro narrator and promoting the scene. Zeppelin's immortalized. RIP, cuz. The dream never dies.

  • Britt Conan Moore

    Last night I found this documentary on YouTube and lemme tell ya, IT'S FUCKING AWESOME!!! Seeing House of Shock’s infancy stage is by far my favorite part. (Nice cameo, Erin!) but, this video really made me miss bands like ABUSE and Soilent Green! If you're a musician playing heavy music in Louisiana then you definitely need to watch this and take some goddamn notes, you f****n' p*****s! Great job, Danny Ramsay and thank you for this piece of history!

“Video Backlash” | Full Documentary on YouTube!

In late 1995, former Acid Bath manager, Ciro Pennino and I came together and conspired to produce a documentary that would feature the mightiest bands the NOLA Metal scene had to offer at that time. Ciro had the vision and the social network. I brought the ninja camera work and production chops. Video Backlash is the result!

Video Backlash was filmed in Louisiana and Mississippi, primarily at the all-metal oasis that once was; the infamous Zeppelin's which was located in the Fat City district of Metairie, LA. This documentary features: ABUSE, Acid Bath, DOWN, CROWBAR, Soilent Green, CHOKE, Kurnel, Philip H. Anselmo and Doobie of Christ Inversion; and a complete walk-through of the New Orleans House of Shock ‘95. Other highlights include a candid and off-the-cuff Q & A with ABUSE as well as the original DOWN performing “Temptation’s Wings” to a sold out, hometown crowd for their NOLA album release and first show of the tour… shot live from the stage, shoulder-to-shoulder with the band! A truly crushing experience held at the former Rendon Inn, once located in uptown New Orleans. Now, you can enjoy this classic documentary for free on my Youtube channel and shop the official merchandise from this exclusive collection.

Yes, some notables of the day did not make the cut for one technical reason or another but, the bands that did were all extremely deserving and represent some of the most powerful shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting; all on VHS tape! I’ve always been proud of the final cut and the scorching performances captured of every band.

So, let the blackness roll on! Let the metal bleed freely and enjoy to your heart’s content, my brothers and sisters.