Welcome to the creative enclave of Rock Musician and Videographer, Danny Ramsay. Deep in the Texas hill country, you’ll find “The Rock Shaman”, singer and founder of Forever Town, reaching into his medicine bag for a song, a memory held dear or piece of visual expression to share on behalf of the Great Mystery and the smokey gods of Rock Eternal. Welcome to the Tribe!

Players and Dealers album review:

~ Lee Aguilar (Whisky and a Revolver, Shanni Sane?)

Wow! I just gotta put this out there... If you have never had the pleasure of rockin’ this album, you are missing out! SERIOUSLY! Rock & Roll, 150%! Killer songs, vocals as COOL as they come, RIFFY! To me it’s a perfect rock album beginning to end. In distant veins of C.O.C., Thin Lizzy, Down (in raw soul), Joe Walsh-y vox kinda, but all a ride of it’s own!!

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