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“Players and Dealers” is the 2014 debut album by Forever Town. Recorded at The Bubble in Austin, TX. Engineer credits: Chris “Frenchie” Smith and Sean Rolie.

Track List:

1. Get Loose Time

2. Platinum Girl

3. Hot on the Heels of What’s Real

4. Soul Rebel Sinner 

5. My Clique

6. Ride That Thunder

7. Are You the One?

8. Stone Heavy Love

9. Sometimes

All songs written by Danny Ramsay and Jason Ramsay. Copyright, 2014. Released by Forever Town Music and Rock Eternal Studio.

Players and Dealers Album Review:

~ Lee Aguilar (Whisky and a Revolver, Shanni Sane?)

Wow! I just gotta put this out there... If you have never had the pleasure of rockin this album you are missing out! SERIOUSLY! Rock & Roll 150%! Killer songs, vocals as COOL as they come, RIFFY! To me it’s a perfect rock album beginning to end. In distant veins of C.O.C., Thin Lizzy, Down(in raw soul), Joe Walsh-y vox kinda, but all a ride of its own!! I have been in AWE of this songwriter since I played a show with him 20 something years ago. We shared a band room for years at Overhead Door where his brother and ABUSE practiced next door. FOREVER TOWN - Singer/guitar riffer/ songwriter of The Unseen and Housewrecker, Danny Ramsay and Jason Ramsay AKA Jay Bones drummer of NOLA metal legends, ABUSE! This record is so fucking cool! Don’t sleep on it! I could sit here all day and just praise this raw AF rock masterpiece but who cares what I have to say! Who the fuck am I?!

My overall favorite album for the last 2 years! I can never get enough of it! If you like this, they also have an awesome EP on Apple Music that has 5 songs, 2 of which are different recordings of songs on this album! The last song on that 5 song EP is definitely my favorite of all. I’m blown away by the soul of this dude! Vocals and lyrics SOO FUCKING COOL!! One of those records where I always say to myself, “Damn I wish I’d wrote that song,” all the way through the album!

Danny Ram, my brother, since day one I’ve been blown to pieces by your soul and just how overall cool you are! Definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to that raw southern fried SOUL!! Rock 4 Life brother!

Download this record. Everyday a new song will be your FAVORITE!! I LOVE THIS RECORD as much as I LOVE CORROSION/DELIVERANCE or DOWN/NOLA
ITS JUST FUCKING COOL!!! (and NO it doesn’t sound just like either of those albums but, it’s got what those 2 records have. Sounds more like C.O.C./Wiseblood)

Lucky lucky ME!!

I wasn’t asked to share this. I’m just showing love to my brothers and most of all YOU!! It would be a sin to keep this all to myself!!

They now make they’re home in Austin,TX!! Catch em live! This dude will goosebump you all up!

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